29 April 2011

khingz and religion snippet

I been bizzy here is a snippet of one of the songs me and my guy religion up in vancouver have been working on. We secretly knocced out a whole album of music from a different angle then you"ve seen from me yet. aiit checc us out

12 April 2011

Khingz & Inkubiz tour teaser

we found this great young man on the tour...a young talent by the name of Derek Johnson. he's studying at Brooks. we just love young talent. here's a clip from him with Khingz & Inkubiz at Santa Barbara's Fuzion:

12 December 2010


so my musical inspiration comes from a lotta places these days and i get asked on what gets me going quite often. i can never really answer so im going to post things that that spark me a lil (and hopefully do more blog post). This is called paths of hate! i ran across this on hypebeast. I'm a tremendous animation fan and love comics so this was right up my alley. It's by polish director Damian Nenow and i cant wait to see the whole thing. so much narrtive in these first images but no explanation (i love that). any way peep more inspiration coming up!

PATHS OF HATE long trailer from Platige Image on Vimeo.

26 November 2010

Khingz presents Khake & Khool-Aid

mwwwuaaah ha haaaa.
ohai. this is kitty wu and this my first ever post on Flying Dragon Punch. since this is my inaugural creation at FDP let me take a minute to let you know what you can expect from my lil additions on this fine blog:

1. good music - i like it.
2. lowercase letters - i like them. Khingz said i can do what i want here, so humor me.
3. bragging on Khingz - i like him. he makes good music and he always tells me the truth. i like that.
4. bragging on our people - our people are cool, they make good music and do good things. i like to brag about them.

that's about it. *ahem* now for my first brag on:


Khingz is a prolific music maker. he's always working on something. 2010 the focus has been the upcoming full-length album with Vitamin D called FILTH, his new group Hi-Life Soundsystem, and the (Fre)EP you are about to have in your happy hands.

Khake & Khool-Aid is my favorite Khingz album since Spaceships. i hope you enjoy as much as i am...get it here for FREEEEEE: